Welcome Mr.Wenhai Chen from Qinghai university to be committee member!

Mr.Wenhai Chen
School of civil engineering ,Qinghai university

Research Area:

New building materials

Research Experience:
1.Hydration mechanism and performance of Modified magnesium oxysulfate cement by tartaric acid. Construction and building materials, 2017,144(July):516-524 . (SCI)
2.Effect of calcined MgO-rich byproduct from the extraction of Li2CO3 on the performance of magnesium phosphate cement. Construction and building materials. (SCI submitted)
3.Alternating Current Impedance of Basic Magnesium Sulfate Cement. Materials Science Forum, 2017,896:96-103. (EI)
4.Effects of Silica Fume on Water-resistant Property of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement.Advanced Construction Materials(EI accepted)
5.Damage process of basic magnesium  sulfate cement concrete in sulfate solution .Bulletin of the Chinese ceramic society.2017,7(36):2392-2396
6.Experimental study on static load and fatigue properties of basic magnesium sulphate cement reinforced concrete beams.Bulletin of the Chinese ceramic society.2017,7(36):2404-2409
7.Influence of admixture and fly ash on  performance of basic magnesium sulfate cement concrete.Bulletin of the Chinese ceramic society,2017,6(36):1847-1851(CSCD)
8. Influence of Mineral Admixture On the Compressive strength of Magnesium Oxysulphate Cement , ICEEP 2016.
9.Effects of Silica Fume on Water-resistant Property of Magnesium Oxychloride Cement,ICCAHE,2017.