Welcome Pro.Dongyun Du from South-Central University for nationalities to be committee member!

Pro.Dongyun Du, College of Resources and Environmental Science, South-Central University for nationalities

Research Area:Pollution Control Chemistry, Bio-Energy and Wastewater Treatment

Research experience:
Dr. Du is recognized as prominent contribution youth scientist in Hubei Province.  His research interest lies in the area of pollution control chemistry.  He has performed with professional capability in the development of innovative wastewater treatment technologies and management approaches using biology/chemistry principles to achieve the goal of water reuse as well as to improve energy-water nexus.  During the past decade, he has systematically studied treatment strategies and techniques for wastewater containing high content of heavy metals such as arsenic, cadmium and etc. in sulfuric acid producing industries.  Three novel treatment methods developed for such dirty acid wastewater including three stage co-precipitation methods, immersed multi-start distribution method, and CaCO3-Ca(OH)2-Fe(III) processing method were put into application for industrialization and have been proven to provide better removal efficiency comparing to traditional methods.  Dr. Du has also thoroughly researched on treatment methods for high strength wastewater from distillery industries with special emphasis in improving nutrients recovery such as ammonia and phosphate.  Additionally, together with ABT company (Italy), Dr. Du developed a low cost, economic efficient microorganism enrichment system with accentuation on integration of biotechnology, auto-control and environmental chemistry.
The institution of the SBIB research group involve the cooperation of the team of each department: Chemistry, Biolology, Biochemistry, Environment, and Electronics for transforming waste into energy. The goal is a global Special Software (iBioautomation) that can integrate the different technologies in function of needs (Biogas (co-realization of patents of digesters and accessories IBB-BIE for bio production), Gasification (syngas), CO2 transformation, Fertilizer production, etc.) with the capacity to realize   Problem Solving in real time and also to create a Relational Data Base for knowing the waste situation (monitoring) in the City, Region etc..  
Recently, his research focused on the recovery of valuable metals from waste residues in metallurgical industry and stabilization/solidification technology for high arsenic content solid waste as well as large scale farming waste utilization based on the concept of Green Depot Production (GDP).  Over the past years, he has published over 60 peer-reviewed articles on journals worldwide and his work was acknowledged by the Chinese government and received numerous awards. 
Recent publications:
[1] Kuangqiong Ke, Qian Liu, Luciano Pesce and Dongyun Du. A New Method to Enhance Bio-Treatment of Wastewater with high Organic Strength[J]. Fresenius Environmental Bulletin. 2011, 20(8): 1949-1954.
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