Welcome Pro. Qianqian Ma from Sichuan Agricultural University to be committee member!

Pro.Qianqian Ma, College of  Horticulture, Sichuan Agricultural University

Research Area:Phytoremediation of heavy metals

Research experience:
(1)        Intercropping Different Density of Galinsoga parviflora Can Increase Cadmium Accumulation in Radish.
(2)        Effects of Spraying Abscisic Acid on Growth and Cadmium Accumulation in Accumulator Plant Stellaria media.
(3)        Effects of Hyperaccumulator Straw on Soil Nutrient Availability and Soil Enzyme Activity of Cyphomandra betacea under Cadmium Stress.
(4)        Uniconazole (S-3307) strengthens the growth and Cadmium accumulation of accumulator plant Malachium aquaticum.
(5)        Effects of mulching accumulator straw on growth and cadmium accumulation of Cyphomandra betacea seedlings.
(6)        Effects of Exogenous Abscisic Acid on Cadmium Accumulation in Two Ecotypes of Hyperaccumulator Bidens pilosa.